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5 Tips to Get the Best Wear out of Your Jewelry

As I sit down to write this, I'm suffering from Naked Finger Syndrome.

Naked Finger Syndrome

This morning, I looked down and noticed that one of the prongs on my ring was gone. Completely missing. Unfortunately, jewelry isn't bullet proof, and it does require maintenance occasionally. I know this better than most, but it doesn't make it any easier to be without my ring.

You'll see the broken prong on the bottom right

I'm sharing this with you for a few reasons... First to let you know that even jewelers have to go without their jewelry while it's being repaired. Second, I'd like to share a few tips that will help you keep your jewelry on your hand, and out of the repair shop!

5 Tips to Get the Best Wear out of Your Jewelry:

1. Avoid wearing your jewelry in situations that increase wear and tear, by asking yourself "Would I wear my dress clothes to do this activity?" Chances are, you wouldn't wear a formal dress to weed your garden, or you dress shirt to change the oil in your pickup. If you answer no to this question, find a safe place to set your jewelry until you're done with the activity.

2. Don't wear your jewelry to bed. I know it sounds silly, but gold, platinum and silver are SOFT metals! It doesn't take much to bend or break the prongs on a ring. Comforters, blankets, and sheets all have lots of places to get the prongs of your ring caught without you even realizing it.

3. Never wear your jewelry into pools or hot tubs. Chlorine and saltwater can damage your jewelry.

4. Have your jewelry cleaned and inspected regularly. This will help to catch little problems before they become BIG problems. (Think lost diamond! 😣🤢)

5. If you notice that your jewelry has a bent or broken prong, a loose diamond or gemstone, or a break in the material, remove your jewelry, and place it in a ziplock until you can have it looked at by a professional!

Following these tips will help to keep your jewelry wearable and enjoyable for years to come! Have a brilliant day!


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