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Custom Jewelry Design

We are proud to offer start-to-finish custom jewelry design services.

•Custom engagement rings

•Custom wedding bands

•Custom necklaces

•Custom pendants

Custom Engagement Rings

Let's work together to create the PERFECT custom engagement ring! We can repurpose family heirloom diamonds and gemstones, or we can hand select the perfect loose diamond for your significant other!

Custom engagement ring
Custom Men's Wedding Ring

Custom Wedding Bands

We can create custom wedding bands for both men and women! We work with a wide variety of materials to create:
•Gold wedding bands

•Platinum wedding bands

•Silver wedding bands

•Tungsten wedding bands

•Titanium wedding bands

Princess cut pendant

Custom Necklaces

Custom Pendants

Custom necklaces and custom pendants are a great piece of jewelry to add to any collection! We can create something simple and elegant that can be dressed up or dressed down for everyday wear!

marquise shaped Yogo sapphire pendant in yellow gold
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