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Jewelry Repair

We offer the full spectrum of jewelry repair services!

•Ring sizing

•Stone tightening

•Replace missing diamonds and gemstones

•Prong retipping

•Prong replacement

•Jewelry refurbishing

•Diamond and gemstone recutting and polishing

•Ring soldering

Jewelry Refurbishing

If you wear and enjoy your jewelry regularly, chances are it may need some TLC. 
The ring in the photo was worn and enjoyed for many years before it came in for repair. We rebuilt several prongs, and retipped several others. The channels holding the baguette diamonds were rebuilt to like new quality and the ring is ready to be worn and enjoyed for years to come!

Refurbished Ring
Gemstone repair

Gemstone Polishing

This heirloom green tourmaline ring was the black sheep of the family. None of our client's children were interested in inheriting it... until we breathed new life into it by republishing the gemstone, retipping prongs, and refinishing the band. Now everyone wants it!

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